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These Terms of Use constitute a binding legal contract between you and Fokas On Style. These Terms of Use apply to you whether you are browsing or are a customer of Fokas On Style. The Terms of Use in force at any time are published on the Website and you will be taken to have accepted them by accessing or using the Website.  If Fokas On Style develops revised terms of use then on their publication on the Website they will supersede those they replace. If you subsequently access or use the Website you will be taken to have accepted the revised terms of use. If you do not agree with the terms of use application from time to time, do not access, use, submit information to or download from this Website. These Terms of Use may change without notice, so do check from time to time. If you do not agree to any change, you should terminate the use of the Website.  Specific Website offerings, incentives, areas, or section may also have additional guidelines which govern your use of this Website. You must comply with them in addition to these Terms of Use.


This agreement contains all of the terms and conditions regarding your rental of products from Fokas On Style via the website www.fokasonyoustyle.com. You agree that rental from our business is subject to all our website terms and conditions of use and privacy policy. These are available on our website and are subject to change from time to time. You agree that you are renting products and ownership of the product remains with Fokas On Style at all times. Our products may be rented for customers who are under the age of 18 however we only rent directly to adults who may rent the products on behalf of a minor. By clicking “I AGREE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS” rental agreement button you represent that you are over 18 years and are authorised to use the chosen method of payment with the purpose of renting the products on the order.


  1. “FOS” (“we”, “our”, “us”) means Fokas On Style trading as Fokas On Style (ABN 46 744 843 281) or any person acting on behalf of and with the authority of FOS.
  2. “Client” (“renter”, “customer”, “you” or “your”) means the Client or any person acting on behalf of and with the authority of the Client and/or the ‘cardholder’. The ‘cardholder’ (being the person that either books the Garment or pays for the Garment) is incorporated into definition of the Client (and is considered as the Client in addition to the person that wears the Garment) regardless of whether they are wearing the Garment.
  3. “Garment” means all Garments (including any fashion accessories e.g. dresses) supplied on hire by FOS to the Client in accordance with these Terms.
  4. “Hire Period” means the period that the Client booked the Garment for – starting from the day the Garment is picked up by the Client from FOS, to the day the Garment is to be returned in person back to FOS.
  5. “Hire Fee” (“hire price”, “price”) means the cost of the hire of the Garment inclusive of GST as agreed between FOS and the Client.



1.1 Fokas On Style (“FOS”) do not reserve any garment/s unless the hire fee has been paid in advance. 
1.2 The client agrees to supply primary photo identification. Clients personal sensitive data is securely saved. 
1.3 The hire price is calculated according to the hire period chosen by the client and is inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (“GST”).
1.4 The prices of products, services and delivery may change at any time and are subject to availability. 
1.5 As the client you are required to register an account in order to book a hire with truthful contact and demographic information.



2.1 Once a hire fee has been paid it is strictly non-refundable.
2.2 Clients are given a 12-hour cancellation period beginning from the time of purchase where an exchange or credit is offered (excluding shipping fees). All fees are final.
2.3 For any reason including, without limitation, the garment does not fit, look good, client change of mind, or cancellation of event, Fokas On Style cannot offer refunds.



3.1 FOS will not be held liable for any loss or damage or late delivery by Australia Post. No refunds or store credits apply. The responsibility is solely on Australia Post.
3.2 It is the client's responsibility to ensure the parcel can be delivered to the nominated address. The client is not entitled to any compensation from LMA of any nature for any loss, damage or delay. 
3.3 It is the client's responsibility to place the garment/s in the return express satchel provided and lodge to an Australian Post office within the hire return period. Should a weekend hire garment/s be sent any later than the following Monday 12pm, late fee/s of $20 per day will be charged. In the event, FOS loses an order due to the delay, FOS reserves the right to charge additional hiring fees. If the garment has not been delivered by Wednesday, the client is liable for the next weekends hire. Client's have two weeks to pay the fees before they are handed to a debt collector. Recovery fees will be at the client's expense. 
3.4 A client who loses or steals an item will be charged the garment's “Recommended Retail Price” (RRP) to ensure the item can be replaced. The client accepts full responsibility for the safekeeping of the apparel.
3.5 Shipping satchels are to be only lodged over an Australia Post counter, with the client’s signature on the front.
3.6 Client must factor the time required for a Rural Location. Fokas On Style will not be liable for any refund if expected delivery is not met. 
3.7 The client is liable to tell FOS when their event is... To ensure you receive your dress the day before your event.



4.1 All garments hired for the weekend must be returned by the following Monday 11:59pm midnight (immediately following the hire period), if not agreed otherwise with Fokas On Style. If this not completed, a late fee/s of $20 per day will be charged. 
4.2 Clients receiving their garments via Express Return Postage are to post before 5:00PM Monday (immediately following the hire period). 
4.3 Week day hires must be be returned the next day following the event 4pm, if this is not completed, a late fee/s of $20 per day will be charged. 
4.4 Clients receiving their garments for an event during the week via Express Return Postage must post before 5:00PM the following day (immediately following the hire period).
4.5 Fokas On Style reserves the right to charge the client the following weekend hire if the garment isn’t posted back by 5pm Monday (immediately following the hire period) or if the garment isn’t dropped off later than 2 days following the event.  
4.6 In the event Fokas On Style loses an order due to the delay, Fokas On Style reserves the right to charge additional hiring fees.
4.7 Any stains, marks or pulls that have been made on the dress must be shown/told to FOS prior to returning the dress.



5.1 The client accepts full responsibility for the safekeeping of the apparel.
5.2 Fokas On Style reserves the right to charge the client for any damages, including, but not limited to payment for repairs or additional cleaning fees. 
5.3 Basic cleaning is inclusive in the hiring price, and therefore the client must not attempt to clean the garment.  
5.4 A client who loses or steals an item will be charged the garment's RRP to ensure the item can be replaced. The client accepts full responsibility for the safekeeping of the apparel. 



6.1 It is expected that all garments are returned in the condition that they were received by Fokas On Style.
6.2 If a Garment is returned with any minor damages, staining or soiling, the client agrees to pay for the repair (in addition to the hire price). The price will be determined in good faith by Fokas On Style in conjunction with FOS seamstress and/or dry-cleaning provider. 
6.3 If the garment is returned with major damages, either beyond repair or ruined determined at the discretion of Fokas On Style, the client agrees to pay the full RRP of the garment within 14 days of it being returned.




7.1 Garments are hired out in worn condition. If the customer disputes any product hired or service supplied by “FOS”, the customer must notify Fokas On Style with their reasons in writing immediately after delivery or collection. 
7.2 The customer loses any right to dispute the quality of the product or service after this time period or wear.



8.1 The client shall immediately notify Fokas On Style of any damage to the garment that occurs during the hire period.
8.2 The client shall keep the garment in their own possession and control and shall not assign the hire over to someone else.
8.3 The client shall not alter or make any additions to the garment or in any other manner interfere with the garment.



9.1 Fokas On Style reserves the right to pass on an invoice documenting all fees owed to “FOS” to a collection company to pursue you for collection, including without limitation, lawyer and collection fees if the client does not cooperate and pay the fees owed to us when due.



10.1 Fokas On Style reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice to you.